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Backsplash Installation

GVG Stone Backsplash Installation

No matter where you live, many consider the kitchen the heart of your home. The secret to a kitchen that fits your home and personality entirely is the combination of all the subtle aspects coming together to form a cohesive space. Little elements like luxurious countertops, custom-designed kitchen cabinets, and durable floors are all essential for the perfect kitchen. Another aspect that helps create the kitchen of your dreams is a high quality, custom backsplash. 

GVG Stone will deliver the custom backsplash to give your kitchen a premium look and feel. Our vast selection of tile will provide you with some of the best choices in the Los Angeles area. After you have picked out the perfect tile option for your space, we have the craftsmen with the attention to detail needed to install it the right way. We make sure that after you have picked the material that fits your space, it is installed with a level of professionalism unmatched by any of our competitors.

The Best Reasons to Hire GVG Stone for Your Backsplash

  • Installing a Backsplash Requires Expert Skill

To get the most out of your backsplash, you need an installer with the experience to fall back on. There are many tight corners and subtle nuances in the installation process that need attention to get the job done right. Getting a tight fit to your cabinets and counter are essential. Uneven gaps and inaccurate fitment look sloppy and are very noticeable in any backsplash. You can also find yourself spending tons of money to fix these mistakes too. 

  • You Need the Best Materials

Because the backsplash in your kitchen usually sits right around eye level, this is not the place to save a little bit of money by using lower-quality materials. To achieve the perfect high-end look in your kitchen, you need the best materials you can get. GVG Stone can provide you with these materials, and at a reasonable cost. It doesn't matter if you want a clean and classic white subway tile or a more intricate mosaic pattern. We give you the choices you need to create the kitchen backsplash you want. 

  • Avoid Problems with Poor Installation

Inexperienced installers or do-it-yourselfers are likely to have trouble when dealing with the installation of a backsplash. For one, getting the tiles on the wall and ensuring they are all level can turn into a nightmare. Someone who doesn't have experience may find that the tiles start level, but after making the required cuts for outlets and cabinets, they end up with a zig-zag pattern. This is a surefire way to identify shoddy quality work.

GVG Stone Will Install the Backsplash You Have Always Wanted

If you live in the Canoga Park area and want a custom backsplash installed, you can save yourself many headaches by trusting the professionals at GVG Stone to get it done for you.  

To get more information, contact us at contact@gvgstone.com or give us a call today at 818-395-1190. We will be here to provide the service you need and the quality you expect.


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