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Stacked Stone Installation

A stacked stone ledger installation in your home will impart a high-quality look and feel to your house that goes great with a custom fireplace. It will give your house a rustic sensibility that appeals to various demographics. Choosing the perfect accent stone, and then getting it installed by a professional can yield excellent results that ultimately increase your home's value and visual appeal.

Trust a Professional With Your Stacked Stone Ledger

The key to having a great looking stacked stone ledger in your home is getting the installation done by a professional. While it is possible to get the job done in a DIY fashion, the results may look sloppy and require a professional to fix mistakes that can easily happen. One of the key advantages of going with GVG Stone is that we are experts and will get the job done the right way the first time, in the least amount of time. Here are a few common DIY problems with stacked stone ledger installations and reasons why it is always a great idea to trust a professional to get the job done.

DIY Stacked Stone Ledger Problems

● Gaps

A dead giveaway that an amateur has installed a stacked stone ledger are gaps between the stones. Stonework is a challenging trade and one that takes many years to master. For a casual DIYer, it would be extremely easy to start installing your stones and then realize you don't have a proper flush fitment. The problem is no matter how careful you are when doing the installation, it takes years of experience to understand precisely how to work the material to get a perfect fit that delivers a professional finish with clean lines and no gaps.

● Poorly Aligned Corners

Another sign that an amateur installed a stacked stone ledger is corners that don't quite line up perfectly. The reason for this is it takes special equipment to cut the stone properly and then also the experience to know the right angles to cut the stone, so everything looks aligned and clean. If you're a DIYer, this equipment can be relatively expensive, especially for a one-off job, so it may be tempting just to opt-out on the purchase. However, if you choose to use a professional with the tools and the skills to operate them, you will end up saving money and materials cost as they will know exactly how to install the stone the right way.

● Starting in the Wrong Spot

Another mistake that an inexperienced installer might make is starting the project in the wrong spot. If you do not know where to properly begin setting up the stone, you might get well into a project and realize that your stone is not aligned correctly. At that point, it is challenging and costly to fix. This mishap is especially tricky because it is an element that a lot of inexperienced installers are not going to consider until it's too late. This is why your best bet is to choose a professional like GVG Stone. We can assess each installation job and determine the best place to start for the most professional and finished looking results.

Save Time and Money with GVG Stone

Installing a stacked stone ledger is a reasonably intricate process, and these are just a few of the mistakes that can be easily made by an inexperienced craftsman. That is why choosing an experienced professional such as GVG Stone, who can rely on over a decade of experience whenever a tricky situation arises, will give you the best results at the lowest cost in the least amount of time.

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